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Industrial Electrical

 Tudor Electricprovides a broad range of electrical contracting services to some of the largest manufacturing facilities in the Orlando area. Over 30 years of expertise in a variety of industrial process applications and a knowledgeable team of expert electricians has facilitated partnering relationships with companies like Orlando Waste Paper, Teak Isle, S&P Recycling and many more. Tudor Electric prides itself on its responsiveness and ability to prevent any down time in your manufacturing process.

                  Experience and Training

Tudor Electric provides a broad range of experience in order to meet your needs, whatever they are and whenever they may occur.  Our employees are trained to work as a team and are experienced electrical professionals. This expertise comes from system evaluation, design and installation of various types of electrical systems for local manufacturers, such as:

●    Motor Controls

●    Generators, transformers, switchgear, transfer switches

●    High voltage testing

●    Outdoor Lighting (parking lots * Automobile Dealerships

●    Trouble Shooting and Repair Service

                   Equipment Capabilities

Tudor Electric has a broad range of equipment capabilities, which enables us to address our clients' needs quickly and efficiently, eliminating project roadblocks. Equipment like:

●    Auger Vehicle (Hourly Rental)

●    55-Foot Lift Vehicle with double-man bucket

●    Scissor Lift

●    Infrared Thermal Imaging

Tudor Electric can help keep your business running smoothly and efficiently, without delays due to emergencies, which require "special equipment."


tudor electric

Tudor Electric

Tudor Electric

tudor electric